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Young Farmer does wonders in ‘dry’ Matabeleland



Despite Matabeleland being a dry region characterised by low rainfall and recurrent droughts, 28-year-old Prosper Chikwara (28) has managed to produce wonders, landing the Best Young Farmer of the Year Award nationally and making US$25 000 annually.

Last week, Mr Chikwara was also honoured as the national Best Vegetable Farmer of the Year.

The young farmer operates from his parents’ 37-hectare plot at Worringham in Matabeleland South, about 20 kilometres from Bulawayo along the Bulawayo-Gwanda road.

Notwithstanding the plot’s geographical location, Mr Chikwara has actually managed to turn his dream of becoming a successful commercial farmer into reality.

He has transformed the piece of land, previously lying idle, into a thriving horticulture project that generate US$25 000 annually.

He was recently honoured by the Zimbabwe Farmers Union (ZFU) during its annual congress in Gweru when he won the Best Young Farmer of the Year Award. For his recognition, he received seed, chemicals, fertilizer, a trophy and certificate, which was accompanied by a prize money of $25 000.

Chronicle news crew yesterday tracked Mr Chikwara to his plot situated on a hilly and rocky place near Siphezini village in Matabeleland South and he shared his success story including how he started the journey in 2015.

“This is my fourth year in farming having started in 2015 with my brother and my determination was to be among the best vegetable producers. The land belongs to my parents and they have other business interests and for me it’s both a passion and a business,” he said.

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