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Midlands State University Distributing COVID-19 Booklets



In an effort to raise COVID-19 awareness, the MSU Press has started distributing informative booklets across the country in 16 local languages including braille and sign language. Mr A Mukwembi, MSU’s Press Director ai the material was part of the government’s efforts to fight the spread of the virus by educating citizens in their first languages.

“Today we have begun dispatching the booklets to provincial information officers representing all the 10 provinces. Our quantities are in keeping with the language demography across the nation. We are giving 30 000 copies in English to every province and the rest will be distributed on a pro-rata basis in line with the popular language in a region,” he said.

The booklets were received by Provincial Information Officer Mr Edwin Moyo on behalf of the Midlands province, who said the material would e distributed throughout the province.

“We have a task force at the district level and we will ensure that these booklets are issued to all parts of the province and in their language patterns”, Moyo said.

To date, the university has printed 680 000 booklets

Source – Midlands State University

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